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Lyla Thigh Harness

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Black Burgundy Cognac

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Amy Leather Thigh Harness

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Emma Thigh Belt

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Ivy Thigh Belt

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Accessorize your outfit with a leather thigh harness 

There are so many ways you can style this amazing accessory, and we ourselves discover new looks every day by customers sending and submitting us images of how they wear them. 

1) The night out: Imagine you plan a night out with your girls and want to wear something that stands out. Pair a cute nightclub dress with matching stockings, either mesh or normal, with only one of our thigh belts. Since our thigh harnesses are made from leather, it will look classy and elegant, but due to the irregularity of only wearing one instead of two, you will be an instant stand-out. 

2) Elegant Dinner date: You want to dress elegant but add a touch of sexy to your outfit, then our thigh belts are the way to go. Wear an elegant dress with one leg open. You have two ways to accessorize your dress. Either you wear stockings and pair them with a thigh harness on the exposed leg, or you just wear a thigh harness that does not have a strap attached. 

3) Gothic vibe: We have received so many pictures of customers doing exactly that. Pair a gothic outfit with mesh stockings and thigh belts. You can even add a fitting neck accessory. 

Thigh belt handmade in Madrid 

After you place your order, we handcraft your thigh harness in our factory in Madrid (Spain). Because every thigh harness is made by one of our artisans, we completely control the manufacturing process and can guarantee a luxury product without errors. To ensure that you get a truly timeless piece, we only use the best leather that will last for years to come. For an elegant look, we select quality hardware that perfectly fits the leather in style and quality. To give your thigh harness a nice finish, we sand the edges and finish the edges for protection and a subtle shine. 

What customers say about our thigh harnesses

We have received amazing feedback so far on our thigh harnesses due to their exceptional quality and versatility design, making it easy to style them with multiple different outfits. Customers have mentioned how durable thigh harnesses are and noted their sturdy construction and comfortable fit, whether worn as a fashion accessory or as part of a complete BDSM outfit. Again and again we hear that customers have received compliments on their new thigh belt the first day out wearing them. We always love hearing back from our customers, so please do reach out to us!